Lending a Helping Hand

Warehouses are useful things.

A few months ago, one of my daughter’s friends was upset.  Her mother had founded and organization, called NuDay Syria, that collected food, clothing and medical supplies for refugees in Syria.  I won’t go into detail about the massive humanitarian need in Syria, with over nine million people who have lost their homes.  See www.nudaysyria.net for details.

Anyway, my daughter’s friend was upset because the warehouse space that NuDay Syria had been using was no longer available to them.  My daughter quickly volunteered space in the warehouse here at Alternative Logistics.

Since January, I am pleased that Alternative Logistics has been able to store the donated materials.  Once each month or so, a small army of volunteers comes in over a weekend, sorts and packs all of the material, and loads it onto a container bound for refugee camps in Turkey or Syria.

It is inspiring to see the amount of donated material, and heart warming to see the many people donate their weekend to loading the container.  I am pleased that Alternative Logistics can do its small part to help the process.

I’d like to also add a quick thank you to an organization called Calling All Crows (see www.callingallcrows.org).  Calling All Crows is a group of musicians, their friends and fans trying to make the world a better place.  This past weekend, Calling All Crows sent small cadre of hard working folks to our warehouse.  With their help we were able to send 31,400 pounds of food, clothing and medical supplies to people who need it desperately

Nu Day Syria at Alternative Logistics

31,000 pounds of supplies loaded onto a containter