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First Principles

First Principles are basic, self-evident assumptions – something that cannot be deduced from any other assumption. In other words, they are the core beliefs upon which all of other assumptions and ideas are based. What that does have to do with warehousing and order fulfillment services? Well, every company must decide what tasks they want […]

Order Fulfillment for Start-Ups

Most order fulfillment companies love to land the big clients, those with thousands of shipments per month.  And while most e-tailer start-ups want to get to that level, they realize it may take months or even years to achieve that high volume. So should a start-up wait to outsource their order fulfillment until they achieve […]

Choosing an Order Fulfillment Partner

We go by many names – 3PL, Pick & Pack, Order Fulfillment Centers, etc.  And there are many of us.  With the proliferation of on-line shopping, the number of companies similar to Alternative Logistics is growing rapidly.  So how do you know which one to work with? There are the obvious differentiators — location, hours […]

Lending a Helping Hand

Warehouses are useful things. A few months ago, one of my daughter’s friends was upset.  Her mother had founded and organization, called NuDay Syria, that collected food, clothing and medical supplies for refugees in Syria.  I won’t go into detail about the massive humanitarian need in Syria, with over nine million people who have lost […]

Welcome to Our New Web Site

Welcome to our new web site! The look of the site is new, but our experience in order fulfillment and our dedication to customer service are not.  We just passed our twenty-year anniversary of providing outsourced logistic services to our clients. Several of our clients have been with us for well over half of that […]