Outsourced Order Fulfillment

Alternative Logistics has managed and fulfilled orders for companies selling everything from art prints and books, to solar panels and automotive parts. We work closely with each client to develop a customized program. If needs change, we can respond quickly to revise services and meet your new demands.

The Order Management Process

  • Alternative Logistics receives orders via the Internet, telephone, fax and mail. Online orders are imported directly into our order management system for seamless integration.
  • Alternative Logistics can also receive orders via an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) service provider. EDI orders are streamlined directly to the carrier’s shipment software. We then send an EDI shipment confirmation to the customer and, if required, prepare and send an invoice.
  • Orders are processed according to instructions developed by Alternative Logistics with each client.  For some clients, this includes a credit screening (including, but not limited to credit card processing). Orders that fail the credit screening are handled according to policies developed with each client. Shipping documentation is then prepared for all shippable orders.

Clients can track the order process through our proprietary online reporting tool.

Pick, Pack & Ship
Our team of order fulfillment experts loves a challenge. Need to ship fragile artwork? We’ve done that. Want to ship perishables? No problem. Sending massive or heavy items? We’ve got a solution.

We work with you to establish guidelines for shipping. Then we pick, pack and ship your items so you can focus on building your sales. We ship domestically using common carriers and small parcel carriers including UPS, FedEx Express, FedEx Ground (formerly RPS), DHL, and the Postal Service. We are also accustomed to shipping internationally using ocean and air carriers.

Just in Time Fulfillment
Your manufacturing is overseas, but your commercial customers are in the northeastern U.S. How can you deliver products in just the right quantity and at just the right time to keep the supply chain moving smoothly?

Call Alternative Logistics. We are located just 35 miles north of Boston and close to two major ports. Containers may be delivered to our facility. We then accept, process and fulfill orders promptly to keep your customers happy.

Reverse Logistics
Returns – also known as “Reverse Logistics” – can drain resources, even at larger companies with internal order fulfillment operations. Alternative Logistics removes the hassle by administering your returns program according to your company’s policies. We receive the returned product, inspect it for damage or missing parts, maintain inventory records, and manage financial transactions and customer notifications.


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