Focused on Lean Logistics

Alternative Logistics is a veteran-owned third party logistics (3PL) company based in Nashua, New Hampshire. Since 1992, we have helped clients throughout the U.S. and around the world process, fulfill and ship orders to customers. Alternative Logistics provides order processing and fulfillment, warehousing, inventory management and purchasing, shipping, accounts receivable, product handling, and call center services.

Entrepreneur Leo White bought Alternative Logistics in 2012 after decades managing logistics for his own companies and others.  Leo is joined by a management team with years of experience in the field and a staff committed to customer satisfaction.

We are committed to Lean Logistics – or L2 – to operate your supply chain without wasted time, material or expenses. Our goal is to constantly innovate to help you reduce costs through smart inventory and order management, as well as reduced fulfillment times.